Content Creation

Chelsea is a bit nutty talking about things and places she loves through organic promotion because she believes genuine excitement is contagious! It's a win-win for everyone! These ambassador opportunities start with a discussion to make sure a partnership is a great fit for everyone, and then it's strategic planning with marketing execution and goals in mind. Past partnerships have involved producing a large scale local retail community wedding event, brand-anchored wedding DIY projects, expertly written articles, orchestrating styled marketing shoots, and others.

Business Mentoring

From social media strategy to marketing action plans to business motivation to publication success, Chelsea has a passion for teaching. With a B.A. in English, an M.Ed, and oodles of real-world business owner experience, the passion for written communication and education has always been at the heart of everything. She's been fortunate to mentor business owners from all specialties such as bloggers, photographers, and creatives.

Speaking Engagements

It's all about real talk. Whether the topic is motivational or instructional, speaking to small and large groups encourages through warm, approachable, and professional presentations. Past topics have included blogging best practices, the world of press trips, SEO, building unconventional businesses, alternative revenue streams for wedding professionals, and more. 

Wedding Industry Consulting

Sometimes people just need some translation help when it comes to the wedding-minded audience. A very special demographic fueled by love and emotion is not your everyday customer driven by bargains and flashy phrases. With nearly 10 years of professional wedding industry experience and a portfolio of retail and community clients, Chelsea knows the heart of the bride or groom, current trends, and effective marketing ideas to make anyone proficient in the ways of "I Do." 



Tourism &Resort Photography

Before coming into the publication world, Chelsea built and grew a successful wedding photography business for over seven years. While she no longer photographs weddings full-time, she still uses her camera and eye for seeing beauty in all things throughout her adventures. Her editorial travel photography has been featured on the Travel ChannelTravel Pulse, and dozens of wedding publications in the span of her career.

Media Trips & Travel Writing

Chelsea just doesn't want to write about a place for Tidewater and Tulle's romance travel-minded audience. She wants to get to know the local small business owners who serve visitors, eat food that best represents the destination, and find locally-made products to share with loved ones. She organically weave in stories about a destination whenever she cans. This is what she believes is the heart behind travel writing and how readers resonate best to editorial content -- by a friend's personal experience and recommendation!

Past Partners and Collaborations

Chelsea has loved working with well-respected wedding and lifestyle brands such as EtsyCricutKeurigPottery BarnDove, Martha StewartWilliams-Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, Keds, and many more. From informative campaigns to custom styled shoots, she thrives off of tailoring authentic content that matches both her and her partners' brands for the most effective engagement and reach with her business' audience.