When I photographed a wedding, I had a mission. A mission to document the best day of someone’s life. All the beautiful moments and details within a very definitive time span. But like all photographers, I suffered from justonemorehouritis, a severe ongoing condition right when the sun goes down and you and your wedding couple are left standing in the twilight with a high ISO. This is from where Orchestrated Stylized Shoots came.

From themes of rustic, vintage, modern, and classic, on an event day, each creative team brought Pinterest boards to life. It was truly a sight to see and continued to inspire me personally as a photographer and a creative director.

While the concept of stylized shoots has never been new, the idea of stylized shoots as a networking platform and business is a niche my team and I proudly grew over the years until we retired this brand in 2016. Because of this, it was a privilege gaining insight into different wedding markets across the country and world. While most are very different from each other, we all have one thing in common: we love weddings. And that’s just a great place to be.