Founded on relationships, fine art imagery, and a love of Ansel Adams, I built a wedding photography business. Before I earned my degrees in English and Education, I was academically on track to be an art teacher, and my high school transcript had laid the foundation for such. Because before I picked up my camera professionally, I was a traditional artist who thrived in graphite, chalk, and charcoal. Portraits of people were my favorites to draw and sketch, and it was no surprise when that translated over as the same kind of favorite behind the lens.


While life took me on a detour through the public schools for a few years, it also gave me the opportunity to be that art and photography teacher I always wanted to be, but in the private sector. And if it weren’t for those spirit-renewed years of teaching art, my photography business would have suffered in the creative realms.

As I grew Bit of Ivory Photography amidst teaching, I fell head over heels with the entrepreneurial side of things. I discovered I had a knack for business, and being a puzzle lover, it was my greatest puzzle yet. How can I provide the best customer service to clients and to vendor friends? How can I support my family? How can get the best return on investment with social media? In a world of advertising and images, how can I always be authentic and true to who I am as an artist and a business owner?

The camera became the catalyst for many projects and adventures, but most importantly, it helped me find myself in an amazing world called the wedding industry even when I no longer capture the big days.


  • Photography for Travel and Press Trips